chemisis is an emerging private limited pharmaceutical company, encompassing a team with over 20 years of experience in the pharma. industry.we manufacture and market high quality prescription and over the counter(otc)drugs. At chemisis,We aim towards giving back to the community by providing affordable and top-notch medicines.With the help of our research team.we intend to launch ground breaking therapies for various diseases.

Ethics ,professionalism ,integrity,qulaity,innovation and trust are our core values.these values are implemented in everyaspect of our company and are combined with our deep understanding of the market.Hence we are determined and focused to be proactive and alert to the changing need of the market.

As true human being , we ar5e also aware of our environmental responsibility and will adhere to good manufacturing practies (GMP)guidelines and pollution control .The will be achieved by proper disposal of drugs.recyclling and reusing of materials,where possible.

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